Schlossberg&Co's DNA.

"Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life."
(Ray Dalio)

We at Schlossberg&Co have come up with our own principles over the years in order to successfully cope with reality.

Idea Meritocracy

A meritocracy of ideas needs independent thinking, which ultimately leads to people being at odds with each other. Being honest and transparent with our thoughts, however, leads to mutual trust and the constant urge for continuous improvement leads to lasting relationships.

Unique Culture

The unique success of Schlossberg&Co is the result of our unique culture. We expect people to be completely open. To achieve excellent results, we set ambitious goals and apply our understanding of how the world works to achieve them. We constantly strive together for the highest levels of truth and excellence. This enables us to build meaningful work and relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues.

The “Why”

We at Schlossberg&Co consistently challenge the status quo at its core to identify our purpose. Most organisations ask “How” and “What” but fail to ask “Why”. For us at Schlossberg&Co the “Why” is indispensable for our success.

Read about our Why.What.How.

Every organisation on the planet knows "What" they do. These are products or services they sell. Some organisations know "How" they do it. These are the things that make them special or set them apart from their competition. Very few organisations however know "Why" they do what they do. "Why" is not about making money. That is a result. Why is a purpose, cause or belief. It is the very reason your organisation exists.

3 Principles

We at Schlossberg&Co have come up with our own principles over the years in order to successfully cope with reality. Our overarching three main principles that guide us in our daily business are as follows.

Principle #1:

How do I know I am right?

Find the smartest people who will not agree with you. Try to understand their perspective and let them stress your own perspective. This is the basis for an idea meritocracy. Quite different from an autocracy where one person leads and the rest follows. But also very different from a democracy where everyone's point of view is equal. In an idea meritocracy, the best idea wins. We at Schlossberg&Co have a system that effectively weighs the credibility of different people to make the best decisions in an obviously fair way.

Principle #2:

Trust in radical truth.
Trust in radical transparency.

Understanding what is true is essential to success and radical transparency about everything, including mistakes and weaknesses, helps create the understanding that leads to improvement. This is not just a theory, we at Schlossberg&Co have put it into practice right from the start. Radical truth and transparency are of fundamental importance for a real exploitation of ideas. The more people can see what is happening - the good, the bad and the ugly - the more effective they are in deciding how to do things right.

Principle #3:

Be loyal to the common mission

Loyalty to certain people who are not closely synchronised with the mission and the way it can be achieved will create factionality and undermine the welfare of the community. It is often so, and quite beautiful, that there are personal loyalties. But it is also often the case, and quite ugly, when personal loyalties conflict with the interests of the organisation. We at Schlossberg&Co have an extraordinary sense of belonging among our team members and fight together for our overarching mission.
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