Pascal Hügli

Chief Research Officer

Pascal Hügli is the Chief Research Officer at Schlossberg&Co, a position he is currently holding part-time.

Besides his involvement with Schlossberg&Co, he is working as a journalist/analyst for the independent media outlet financialmedia AG, where he started in March 2017. Before that he worked through internships at Farner Consulting AG, UBS, and Basler Zeitung after graduating from the University of Zurich with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science specializing in Political Economics and Political Philosophy. 

Pascal has been devoting his intellectual career to finance, economics and blockchain technology for the past six years. He has been reading up on and studying virtually every topic related to the intersection of these fields. He has also written a book with the title: “Ignore at your own risk - the new decentralized world of Bitcoin and Blockchain”. In it, he describes various concepts and shares his own insights relevant to Bitcoin and cryptoassets. 

These insights, his never-ending thirst for knowledge as well as his writing and lecturing skills are contributing to the success of Schlossberg&Co. Rather unique about Pascal’s way of approaching things: In his pursuit of knowledge, he is listening to every argument, ponders every question and denies himself no possible answer. This allows him to tackle whatever topic with a 360-degree view. Gaining unorthodox, but high-quality insights is a top-priority goal for him as well for the research team at Schlossberg&Co.

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