Ivica Juras

Chief Engineer

Ivica Juras is the Chief Engineer at Schlossberg&Co.

Prior to joining Schlossberg&Co, Ivica has spent the last 9 years in multiple senior engineering positions at different companies around the world. These included positions at tech consulting companies and different blockchain startups.

Ivica is a strong advocate for building highly scalable system solutions from the ground-up. His strengths are at the intersection of implementing multifaceted technical solutions and their integration with complex quantitative modelling tools, technologies and methods.

Ivica is responsible for the entire technology stack at Schlossberg&Co. He and his team are building the SB Portal, a one-stop shop for wealth management, and are constantly improving our core quantitative modelling engines. Schlossberg&Co benefits immensely from Ivica’s extensive experience in back-end technology, blockchain, smart contracts and database administration.

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