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It takes all types to make Schlossberg&Co great. Do you create innovative ways to achieve ambitious goals? Are you open-minded and energetic by receiving honest feedback and like to ask and be asked "why"? We're not just looking for people who can do a particular job. We are looking for people with whom we want to share our lives.
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We support relationships to help them grow organically, with people having many options for getting involved in the community. We also choose to do regular morning fitness sessions as a team. Even the brightest minds need some balance. Moving your body and sweating is necessary in order to keep your mind at peak capacity.

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Our values - building meaningful work and relationships, finding people who think differently and creating an environment in which the best ideas win (no matter who developed them) - essentially lead us to accept diversity and appreciate our differences. If our mission is to have the deepest possible understanding of how global economies work, we must find and nurture the best talents - across gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, religion and more.

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