Building the Future.

The Venture strategy shows Schlossberg&Co’s long-term vision towards a digital future in finance. Our investment team has a thorough knowledge of the technology needed to build such a future. This allows us to be very selective in choosing respective sub-assets.
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We keep in close contact to new and exciting companies and help them grow. In particular we focus on companies at the interface of finance and technology (fintech & blockchain). Coming from that industry ourselves, we are convinced we can best contribute to these ventures.

Building Blocks

The universe of sub-assets in the space of digital finance is very broad and it takes a lot of expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff. Schlossberg&Co has a very clear picture which building blocks are needed to build the future in finance and we invest accordingly.

Our strategy meticulously manages risk with a diversified allocation. We invest in listed, liquid digital assets applying our hedge-fund grade risk model, which we specifically built for this sector.

Asset Selection

Before investing in any venture asset, we take a very close look at all the different metrics. For instance we thoroughly analyse the use case, monetary policy, team, ecosystem and level of decentralisation.

Perfectly diversified portfolio

Based on our rigorous assessment of the investment universe, we invest in an optimally diversified portfolio covering all building blocks needed to build the future of finance. Depending on the performance our investment algorithm switches between the following assets.

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