Established. Deep-rooted.

Traditional assets have a long history going back to the Roman Republic where the state leased out many of its services to private companies. These companies were similar to modern corporations and they issued shares called Partes.

The Core

Traditional assets build the core of our Meta portfolio approach. We allocate at least 80% of funds to traditional assets. They have the most stable and predictable returns of all
the asset classes.
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Great Variety. Hard Choices.

The investment landscape has changed quite a bit over the last decades.The variety of assets to invest in has increased and made the selection process even more important than in the past.

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In the past a portfolio consisted mostly of stocks, bonds and cash, today the offering is much more finessed.


With the great choice of assets today, it is crucial to separate the chaff from the wheat. We at Schlossberg&Co have screened over 30'000 assets.

Assets Screened

Selection Criteria

We constantly screen the asset universe and select the best ones based on fees, liquidity and suitability.

Huge Differences in Fees

Lowest and highest average TER*
*TER: Total Expense Ratio is the total cost of a fund to the investor and includes mainly purchase fees, redemption fees, auditing fees & management fees.

Huge Differences in Liquidity

Lowest and highest average daily volume
Less than
$ 100’000
More than
$ 100M

These huge differences in fees and liquidity have a significant impact on an investors performance.

Perfectly diversified portfolio

Based on our rigorous assessment of the investment universe, we invest in an optimally diversified portfolio covering all traditional asset classes in a cost-effective and liquid manner. Depending on the performance our investment algorithm switches between the following assets.

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