The Flagship.

The Meta strategy is the flagship of Schlossberg&Co’s investment offering. Having the flexibility to allocate funds opportunistically into a diverse range of assets, allows for an extra layer of optimisation and increased overall performance and stability. 
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Little Risk. Great Upside.

Since 2013 Meta allocates, in addition to Traditional, funds to Digital and Venture. The allocation is risk-adjusted every month in order to keep the allocations in place over time. The addition of the Digital and Venture strategy acts similar to a call option with limited down-side but unlimited up-side. The addition of these strategies has drastically increased the overall performance. We advise a 10% allocation to each but this can be tailored to the investor’s needs.

Perfectly diversified portfolio

Based on our rigorous assessment of all the different asset classes, we invest in an optimally diversified portfolio in a cost-effective and liquid manner. Depending on the performance our investment algorithm switches between the following assets.

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