Full Spectrum.

Holistic Asset Management.

Schlossberg&Co offers the full spectrum of asset management. We invest in a broad and diversified range of assets and our investment decisions are based on a set of mathematical models with minimal correlation. All of our client's wealth can be accessed in one place with beautiful visualisations and document management.
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Asset diversification at its best

Diversification is a familiar term to most investors - “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The idea is to create a portfolio that includes multiple investments from different asset classes.

Reduced Portfolio Risk

Our broad selection of assets and sub-assets is optimised and perfectly reduces the so called idiosyncratic risk. The systematic risk is then actively managed and further reduced.

Systematic Risk
Total Portfolio Risk

Model diversification

Our investment decisions are mainly based on algorithmic models. We don’t rely on one single model but we diversify across a range of different uncorrelated models.

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Wealth consolidation

Our proprietary wealth portal can show you all your assets in one place. We will even show assets and accounts that you don't have with us. This way you will always have the full picture of your wealth.

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All Assets*
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* including the ones you don’t hold with us
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