Institutional Clients.

Strong Relationships.

Schlossberg&Co works closely with a broad range of different institutions. We have successfully collaborated on different levels. We are focused on understanding how the world works and we are eager to exchange knowledge with our institutional clients. We also offer them portfolio management services and provide them with access to exclusive private deals.


We actively share our knowledge with our institutional clients. They are in particular interested in our quantitative approach towards a holistic portfolio consisting of traditional as well as digital assets.

Portfolio Management

Based on their specific needs and requirements, we compile a tailored portfolio for our institutional clients, which enables them to achieve their individual financial goals as efficiently as possible.

Club Deals

We regularly trade with some of our institutional clients as part of co-investments in closed private deals. Our extensive network provides us with many proprietary investment opportunities, which we discuss with interested clients in the event of a positive due diligence.
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